Analyst Views

Empower investors with an actionable, immediate trading plan.

Analyst Views is the world’s only financial market research solution combining the invaluable experience of senior analysts with automated algorithms. Our patented pattern recognition is constantly monitoring the market with global 24/7 coverage on over 8,000 financial instruments and providing updated analyses whenever new price levels are met. Meanwhile, our team of expert market technicians monitors and validates all incoming analyses to ensure a strong trend is present.

Because Analyst Views is found at the intersection of quantitative technology and market technician expertise, it enables today’s investors to equip themselves with a timely professional opinion with an unparalleled breadth of coverage. For investors looking for their next idea, Analyst Views provides immediate positions at any time for the most liquid instruments globally. For those who already have an investment idea, Analyst Views is a repository of professional second opinion.

Supporting you with top-down research

Help your investors understand the technical scenario at a glance.

All analyses are identified using the proprietary top-down global-macro model created by Trading Central’s award-winning research team. Partnered with our patented pattern recognition technology, Analyst Views is constantly scanning the market to provide full position management on over 8,000 instruments.

Offering insight in the moment you need it

The clear trend lines, key levels and concise nature of the instrument’s technical scenario enable investors to interpret the analysis in a timely manner and act immediately if required.

Broad, global coverage

Analyst Views scans global markets to offer daily coverage on over 8,000 assets across equities, forex, bonds, commodities and indices! Did we mention… our coverage is available in 32 languages!

  • Trendlines: The price targets within each analysis show investors what they stand to gain, while the blue pivot line marks when a trend is reversed, helping manage their risk.
  • The alternative scenario: The blue stopline marks when a trends is reversed, helping traders manage their risk on an investment.
  • Simple Lookup: Investors can use the search bar for simple idea generation across our fx, equity, commodity and indices coverage.
  • Combination of analyst & pattern recognition! The combination enables Analyst Views to cover over 8,000 assets covered every market day!

Flexible Delivery: