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Revolutionary AI Newsdesk

Powered by TC Labs' natural language
processing and artificial intelligence, Buzz helps solve the infobesity problem plaguing today’s investors.

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Help your investors read less, but know more...

Despite the large impact news carries on financial markets, the industry’s news feeds have seen little evolution in the past two decades. The large volume of publications available online with potentially conflicting perspectives and questionable credibility make sifting for the significant and reliable details incredibly difficult for today’s investors.  This information overload can make it impossible for them to identify suitable trade opportunities, form well-educated opinions or optimize the correct timing to buy/sell.

TC Market Buzz acts as a refreshing solution to these problems. Its beautiful, user-friendly interface provides an engaging modernization to the dusty feeds scattered across today’s financial platforms. Its proprietary natural language algorithms crunch and collect the massive amount of professional news articles, social media posts and individual blogs published online every day to provide a concise, accurate view of any given instrument. Its concise analytics enable investors to gain a reliable view on the crowd’s impact on their investments and can follow the discussion easily.

In May 2020, TC Market Buzz was awarded “Most Innovative New Product” at the Technical Analyst Awards.

Let's dig into the details...

Buzz isn’t just informative— It’s visually stunning. Its cutting edge design and mobile friendly layout is a perfect fit for your platform or mobile app and can help you offer dynamic experiences that rival the online expectations set by other industries. With TC Market Buzz, your customers gain so much more than just the numbers. They get interactive data visualizations proven to stimulate engagement and increase session duration by as much as 65% (Honeybooks) !
TC Market Buzz is available within a variety of hosted, responsive, white-labeled solutions, as well as a developer-friendly API, so you can expedite your launch while crafting a unique experience for your investors with our data.
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Asset coverage: Over 35,000 stocks, 50 indices, 330 forex pairs, and 60 commodities.
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Event detection: More than 300 types of events such as earnings, dividend, and price movement.
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Media coverage: 2,500+ news publications, 2,000+ blogs and social media channels, and both premium and bespoke source integration.
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Languages: Currently available in English & French.

Platform innovation made simple.

While Trading Central's powerful automated natural language processors are busy crunching thousands of articles in the background, the output is simple, approachable and actionable. Here's a quick look at just a few of the great analytics available to your investors when you give them Buzz:

It's easy for your investors to keep an eye on their portfolio or instruments of interest with unlimited watchlists!

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Most Discussed Topics

Enable customers to follow the discussion easily with a ranking of the top discussion topics for every financial instrument.

Actionable event detection

Buzz detects over 300 types of news events such as earnings, dividends, new product releases and price movement.

Web Authority

Make sorting for credible and substantial sources a breeze with Buzz's web authority indicator.

Buzz Meter & Split

Enable customers to explore how much "buzz" an instrument is attracting and how this is split across social and news spheres.

Concise view of the market

Did you know that everyday, there is 2,273 years worth of reading added to the internet? Buzz summarizes all the info so your investors can act accordingly.

Your brand: Always front & centre.

Trading Central's award-winning user interfaces and analytics are modern masters of disguise and can be white-labeled to keep your brand top of mind for your customers.
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The right content for your investors.

By default, TC Market Buzz offers your investors a selection of pop-out web harvested content, but we've have a variety of premium partnerships to improve upon the experience
for your customers. 
Web Edition Standard
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pop up iconBuzz pop out
Enable your investors to explore previews of the “buzz” on their favourite instruments by collecting previews of web harvested content, Yahoo News & Twitter.
Premium Content Add-On
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Boost quality and credibility by connecting TC Market Buzz to any of our premium newswire and content
partners as seen listed below.

Discover our premium content partners:


Making financial information easier to consume by making complex topics simple.

MT Newswires

An original source, multi-asset class global financial news service.

Informa Global Markets

A global leader in helping investors cut through the noise and take decisive action.

Refinitiv Wealth Management

Delivers leading data insights, surfacing fact-checked stories on buzzing topics.

Moody's Analytics

Real time news for financial professionals curated from over 19,000 global sources.

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Unique Content Integration Bespoke Solution
Let's discuss how we can include your platform's pre-licensed content sets and proprietary research to provide a robust news experience that best supports your investors!
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Premium NEWS analytics

Attract and acquire customers through superior value.

Showcase a free, teaser of TC Market Buzz on your public website, helping investors stay up to date with trending news topics. Meanwhile, premium research is locked, prompting traffic to sign in or make an account!

Attract new investors with premium free features
SEO-friendly content for your site

The possibilities are endless...

Our award-winning UI, variety of integration partnerships and developer-friendly API make it possible to build a unique experience for your investing customers. Explore just a few of the ways other online brokers are harnessing our data:

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Winner at 2020 Technical Analyst Awards

TC Market Buzz wins "Most Innovative New Product."

Cryptocurrency mockup: explore technical analysis for cryptos
Explore TC Market Buzz Cryptocurrency Research

Support crypto traders with  clear trend lines and key levels on modernized charts.

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Market volatilty support

Help your investing customers navigate these troubled waters.

Popular Trading Central analysis tools are available through MetaTrader
Access through MetaTrader

Easily enable actionable analysis within the platform your traders already use!

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Analyst Views and TC Market Buzz integration 

Combine award-winning analysis and news analytics all in one view!

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Add Technical Analysis

Give investors a panoramic view of how an instrument is performing across both news and price patterns... in one view!