Robust multi-asset coverage

Robust multi-asset coverage

Strengthening your conviction level is just the beginning…

Trading Central’s objective research has been powering the investment decisions of a broad swath of market professionals since 1999. Our patented pattern recognition provides continual coverage on over 75,000 assets, while our global research desks offer bespoke 24/5 analyst support to help optimize your investment strategies.

Robust technical coverage of markets

  • Independent second opinion from a registered investment adviser
  • Backtested, multi-factor trade recommendations
  • Directional opinion and scenario inputs
  • Custom Watch-list reporting
  • Augmented risk management or entry/exit timing
  • Macro, long/short, sector rotation analyses
  • Quick-response global analyst team

Explore our enterprise solutions:

Our analytical infrastructure is highly developed, enabling us to offer customer integrations for every customer’s proprietary portal. As an agile software house, we ensure optimal consumption of our research. Please request a demo for more information.

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