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Our team of professional reporters record live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to provide a one-of-a-kind service. Offer your customers an independent overview of new-worthy market movement with our actionable and engaging trade ideas and financial commentary.

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Trade ideas... In context!
With WebTV, our trade ideas are about so much more than just about the numbers! Our reporters combine their actionable trade ideas with popular industry news to put everything in context and keep your investors engaged in what’s happening in the markets. Our bespoke WebTV provides the opportunity to tailor the script content to include the assets and topics that matter to your investors.
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Feuling Modern, Engaging Experiences
WebTV helps meet the growing consumer demand for video and outreach experiences. The short format of our videos makes it ideal for mobile consumption and newsfeeds, while the flexible delivery methods such as RSS make it easy to deliver actionable market insight to customers through their inbox or social media channels!

Furthermore, our videos are recorded every day in a variety of languages to ensure your investors never miss a trade opportunity!
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Actionable market news

Help new investors find your platform.

Social media channels can be a great place for investors to discover your business, but keeping your channels full can be time-consuming. Let us help you with that...

Automated Social Content
WebTV works with any RSS reader, enabling you to send quality content to all your channels without moving a finger.
Short video format
WebTV was built with social media and mobile outreach in mind. It's short, punchy format is well suited for the quick-paced scrolling behaviours of consumers online.

Give your investors the content they crave

Here at Trading Central, we've been working to support online brokers just like you for decades. We know what it takes to support you business, which is why we offer:
Education in context

You don't need to remember every pattern to act according. Hover over any Technical Event to see what it means for that instrument.

Technical Insight mobile mock-up: Apple Inc technical chart
Available in 5 languages

We know it's important to reach your full audience. That's why we record WebTV in English, French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Forward looking

The Anticipated Events feature pro-actively scans the market to identify opportunities in the process of forming, giving you advanced knowledge of when their investments are poised to move and forming patterns.

Helping manage risk

Our support & resistance lines are drawn on the chart, making you aware of significant price levels to help with potential entry and exit points and manage risk.

Seeing is believing...

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