Value Analyzer desktop mockup - a simple, intuitive view of all the key value investing metrics for a particular stock
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Simple, intuitive view of the company’s value

Value Analyzer provides a simple, intuitive view of all the key value investing metrics for a particular stock, all on a single page. By removing much of the emotional aspect of investing, Value Analyzer helps investors make better decisions and achieve better performance in their self-directed accounts.

Investor using Value Analyzer on a desktop. Explore fair value investments
See a company’s current and historical share price compared to its fair value.
With Value Analyzer, your investing customers gain access to all the key information they need to evaluate an instruments value such as Revenue/earnings history, Dividends, outstanding shares and more.

Our simple value indicator analyzes all the key criteria to provides a concise traffic light of red, yellow or green to show how well the instrument matches value investing criteria.
Stock Value Chart, Revenue and Exchange History. How is a stock ranked based on value?
Change the growth assumptions for a company and see how the fair value changes.
Value Analyzer’s forecasting tool allows your customers to see how the fair value of the company changes based on shifting assumptions for earnings growth, enabling them to make confident decisions.
Value Analyzer Screenshot - Stock Axos Financial is undervalued along with it's Value chart.
premium fundamental analysis

Engage, educate & empower.

With transparent descriptions, concise indicators and educational materials, Value Analyzers enables investors of all skill levels to take advantage of value investing principles.

Embedded Education
Learn the key concepts of "fair value", how select stocks and how much to pay with our simplified educational material.
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Out of ideas? Not a problem! Our pre-screened ideas are organized by industry and serve as a jumping off point.