IFS Group integrates TC Market Buzz Chinese Edition across brokerage platform.


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August 10, 2020



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IFS Group headquartered in Sydney, Australia becomes the first online broker to integrate Trading Central’s Market Buzz Chinese Edition across their brokerage platform. The launch brings high-quality professional financial news and disruptive analytics to their investors, helping them make informed investment decisions and provides a concise view of the market. Other Trading Central additions include TC Crowd Insight, TC Economic Insight and TC Newsletters Newsbrief.  

TC Market Buzz solves today’s infobesity problem preventing confident investment decisions, by clearly conveying which financial instruments are generating the most “buzz”, aggregating news and providing concise insights that bring clear meaning to investors. Using proprietary natural language algorithms, Buzz crunches and collects the massive amounts of professional news articles, social media posts and individual blogs published online every day. The tool’s actionable event detection, general sentiment indicator, and "buzz meter" enable users to quickly consume the critical information impacting potential investment opportunities, while connecting them with relevant, quality news content.

“Investors needed a simplified view of what is important and a streamlined manner to interpret it” says Managing Director of Trading Central Labs Jerome Favresse. “With a fully localized user interface in Buzz’s Chinese Edition, I'm confident our solution will continue to meet the need of today's investors - helping them know more, while reading less."

Key Features of TC Market Buzz include:

Concise news analytics by financial instrument such as:

  • Most Discussed Topics summarizing what the investor needs to know.
  • News Orientation: the general count of publications with positive, neutral and negative sentiment.
  • News Volume: How much coverage there has been and how it compares to the previous time period.
  • Price and news coverage chart bringing to light any correlations between “the buzz” and the price.

Personalized AI Newsdesk

  • Broker curated professional financial news.
  • Unlimited instrument watch lists to keep track of important news.
  • Curated internet harvested newsfeeds and industry-relevant social media feeds based on trending topics.

About IFS Group: 

In 2008, the company was founded in Australia by traders and industry experts on a simple idea: to better serve clients and become a broker that professionals and institutional traders trust. Our pristine ASIC license since 2008 positions us as trusted experts in the forex industry. We are the place where traders trade with enhanced trading support to aid their success. 

Based on our success with professional traders, in 2018 we widened our client market to include retail clients and became IFS Group. IFS Group comprises of IFS Group Limited (Cayman), IFS Markets (Australia), IFS Markets Limited (St Vincent and the Grenadines), IFS Global DMCC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), IFS Markets (Philippines), IFS Markets (Thailand) and recently lodged our application to be licensed in Mauritius. 

Today that original principle remains, and now we offer global online trading which is tailored to the preferences of our wholesale and retail clients alike from the following members: IFS Markets Australia (Note: For Australian citizens only.), IFS Markets Dubai, IFS Markets St.Vincent. For more information, please visit IFS Markets.

About Trading Central: Trading Central is a global leader of actionable, financial market research. Their award-winning product suite fuses expert research desks with artificial intelligence to provide technical, fundamental news and economic analysis of global markets. Their innovation division, “Trading Central Labs”, managed by trading floor veteran Jerome Favresse, was founded in 2019 with the focus on expanding the firm’s proprietary algorithms, alternative data streams and bold new ways to better support investment decisions in the ever-evolving digital space. For more information, please visit.

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