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Finding the right job is incredibly difficult. You want to find the type of company you can picture yourself working at for years, which means you want a great team and plenty of opportunities to grow. You want to work for a reliable, established company with a history of success, that hasn’t scaled to the point that you’re just another cog in the machine. You want to make an impact… So do we!

When you work at Trading Central, it isn’t just a job… It’s a career built around driving the change you want to see in today’s financial markets. Investing has become a truly retail experience and our award-winning tools help self-directed investors find and validate opportunities, optimize their strategies, learn about financial markets and have fun running their own portfolios. Our tools are currently available to over 60 million investors, but we're just getting started!

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What do we do here at Trading Central?

Our solutions are available to over 80 million investors, but we're just getting started...

Throughout the past two decades, we've made a name for ourselves by identifying the aspects of investment research that retail investors typically find cumbersome, and offering solutions that break down these barriers.

Algorithmic Development

We've been building proprietary pattern recognition that proactively spots opportunity and risks since 1999.

Big Data Crunching

Today's investors are overwhelmed by the infobesity problem online! That's why our tools do the difficult work for them, showing transparent, concise summaries and snapshots.

Natural Language Processing

We're here to tune out all the noise online plaguing today's investors. We're building concise analytics that give the "need-to-know".

User Experience & Web Design

Our user interfaces are award-winning! We're experts in driving confident decisions by placing relevant analytical insights in the moments that matter.

Financial Market Expertise

Our company started with our founders working on the floor of the London Stock Exchange. Today, this financial know-how is weaved through all our products!

Integration Specialists

We take the relationships we have with customers very seriously and make it our mission to support their businesses. We do this with plug & play integrations, developer-friendly APIs & a quality deployment team.

At the heart of TC:

Share in the success.
At Trading Central, you get ownership over your projects and can see them through from concept, to completion, to deployment!
Grow as you go.
We build personalized career paths for each employee and give you the tools, education and opportunities to succeed.
Diversity is our strength
As a truly global business, we see the mosaic of languages, cultures and backgrounds that forms our teams as a strength. It helps us grow as colleagues, better understand the investors we serve and better communicate with our customers.

What's it like working at Trading Central?

We’re proud to create a friendly, social and challenging environment focused on collaboration and shared growth. We’re a small team making big changes to how investors harness today’s financial data… and we have a blast doing it.