TC Alpha Generation, explore plug-in-play MT4/5 indicators with popular TC research and analysis
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TC Alpha Generation

Plug & Play MT4/5 indicators
to back confident decisions. 

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Actionable insights for your MetaTrader platform.

TC Alpha Generation enables your investors to form confident decision-making by offering three innovative indicators that represent market psychology and assist with identifying new trade opportunities and potential entry/exit points. These indicators are superimposed within the MetaTrader MT4/MT5 charts already known and loved by the industry, and help users improve their investment returns.

Analyst Views MT4/MT5 plugin
Your trusted source for target levels
Trading Central is always there with a directional perspective on every chart based on our award-winning technical analysis methodology. Get an instant viewpoint on our preferred direction along with target levels superimposed onto the charts of actively traded instruments! Discover our alternative scenario based on a pivot level where we would change our view and offer target levels in the opposite direction.
Adaptive Divergence Convergence: A great indicator for short-term trading. Explore Adaptive Divergence Convergence Oscillators
A simple view into the bulls & bears
Your traders love candlestick charts, and now get instant access to the candlestick patterns that illustrate important changes in supply and demand lines and the struggles between buyers and sellers. This indicator gives you access to:
  • Our favourite patterns: Our indicator scans for sixteen of our favourite time-trusted candlestick patterns, instantly on any chart!
  • Expert filtering for what’s important: We combine candlesticks with our unique quantitative and technical analysis expertise to focus in on only those patterns that are relevant for decision making based on current context.
Adaptive Candlesticks: Offer candlestick patterns that pull a simple view into the bulls & bears
If you like MACD, You’ll love this indicator for your short-term trading!
It’s useful at shorter lengths than MACD and offers more timely signals, while also guarding against sideways movements by adapting and lengthening during such periods. Gain access to:
  • Long & short entry/exit signals
  • Slow & fast price indicators
  • Raw & smooth signal lines
  • Oscillators- Slow & Fast