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The Perfect Formula

for Your Investors

Strategy Builder™ enables your investors to define and evaluate well-suited strategies for selecting investment candidates.
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Strategies, Stock Screener, Themes, Thematic Portfolio,

Stock Screener, Themes, Thematic Portfolio, Community Screens

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Build your own strategy

Your investors can filter the universe of stocks with over 65 different factors including fundamental, technical and quantitative criteria.

Start with a preset

Premade expert screens and topical lists provide a jumping off point for investors searching for new opportunities.

Backtest performance

Investors can test the historical performance of their strategy against the index of their choice to see if it'd have "beat the market". Adjustments can be retested to show how refinements contribute to performance.

Set alerts

Our built-in email alert system makes it easy for investors to stay updated on key changes to their strategy.

Engage, Educate & Empower.

Through a balanced feature set of Topical Themes, Preset Screens, Educational Guidance and Detailed Customizable option.

Strategy Builder™ empowers investors of all skill levels to take control of their investments.

Invest in themes that inspire you

Investors can explore lists of instruments based on trending topics such as 5G, Autonomous Vehicles and more! Engage investors with new insights that help them build confident investment strategies.

Embedded education

No need to memorize terminology- Transparent descriptions of each criteria are displayed when building a strategy. The backtesting results enable investors to better understand how different investment basics may impact their portfolio performance.

Offer compact insights in key placements

Our ranking API allows for flexible integration, showing investors where a stock is ranked based on performance within its sector.

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Designed to support your mobile investors.

With 79% of millennials interested in mobile investing, Strategy Builder™ has been designed to be accessible for investors on-the-go and to help them personalize their trading strategy. Using both technical and fundamental analysis filters, Strategy Builder's powerful stock screening helps improve investors confidence and supports your investing customers in the moments that matter.

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Enable your investing customer to help your investors spot opportunity.

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