TC Economic Calendar, FX charts and equities tied to economic events.
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Economic Calendar

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A premium feature set meets a familiar format.

With real-time, actionable macro-economic data, the TC Economic Calendar enables your trading customers to easily monitor, anticipate and act on potentially market-moving events. When you partner with Trading Central, your customers get so much more than static charts or impact previews… They can filter the economic events of 38 countries by its importance or country, track each event in real-time, or take a peek at how similar events previously played out on the price and event chart!

Prepare your traders for success with premium support:

A great starting point for economic research

TC Economic Calendar enables you to attract new traders with a calendar that triumphs over others found online. For an enhanced research experience, check out our premium tool, TC Economic Insight® which adds volatility
and impact analysis to your traders' arsenal.
TC Economic Calendar: Explore the Price Chart of stocks and fx pairs
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Attract and acquire customers through superior value.

Showcase a free, teaser of both the TC Economic Calendar or Insight tools on your public website, helping traders stay up to date with basic calendar and pricing chart features. Meanwhile, premium research is locked, prompting traffic to sign in or make an account!

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The FX industry is continuously evolving.

We understand that you need flexible delivery options to cater to your customers and stay abreast of competition, which is why we offer the Economic Calendar in both a plug-and-play framable interface and a developer-friendly API!


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