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As a premium, one stop shop for investment decision support, we firmly believe the best way to support your brokerage business is by facilitating the long-lasting success of your investing customers. We help them find and validate new opportunities, time their trades, learn about financial markets, and manage their risk. Our online broker solutions harness an award-winning fusion of automated AI analytics, beautiful user interfaces and registered investment adviser expertise.

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The perfect fusion of AI & human insights

Our products fuse together registered market technician research and award-winning automated analytics to offer unparalleled support and coverage for your investing customers.

Our analytic products offers you a diverse range of automated, quant based analytics across technical, fundamental, sentiment and economic analysis. Our patented pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms run 24/7, offering your customers global, multi-asset coverage of over 75,000 financial instruments.

Our research team offers you the approachable and personable advantage of human content. Our global team of research analysts are there to draft quality blogs on popular topics, newsletters on investment strategies, and guide webinars on how to use our products and navigate the markets. Meanwhile, our professional reporters record high-quality video content on industry news and trade ideas that your investing customers will love. Learn more about our analysts.

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Today’s financial markets are fast-paced, technology is rapidly evolving and consumer expectations have never been higher. You need flexible delivery options to craft unique experiences that rival competitors, and that’s where TC’s services shine. Our premium research and analytics are available in any combination of plug-and-play indicators and iframes, flexible data feeds and newsletters, or developer-friendly APIs. This flexibility comes free of charge to better enable you to reach investors with the insight they need, in the moments that matter.
RSS/XML feeds

Automate the publication of quality content such as analyst blogs, market update videos & automated trade ideas!


Build your own unique experiences harnessing our insightful analytics with our developer-friendly APIs!

Hosted Platform

Let us do the heavy lifting for you and use our pre-built UI and management services!

SMS & Newsletters

Deliver insight in the moments that matter to your customers and guide them back to your platform... from where-ever they are!

Iframes & HTML Widgets

Give your platform an instant boost with our pre-built, award-winning user interfaces and insightful analytics!

MetaTrader Indicators

Give your customers the support they need in the platform they already know and love!

Offer a modern charting experience with Analyst ViewsReady to go mobile, white labeled premium investment analyticsTechnical Insight offers award-winning technical analysis across a universe of assets.

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Premium investment analytics

Our top priority is creating rich analytics that support investor decisions at the point of action... and our awards testify to our success!

Ready to go mobile

Our beautiful, modern user interfaces are fully responsive, making it easy to reach investors on the go with helpful analytics through your website or mobile app!

Whitelabel design

Your brand is always front and centre with our simple, whitelabel designs and customized integrations.

We understand your customers’ journey

Our founders, leaders and core innovators come from diverse backgrounds on the trading floor, guiding online brokerage product strategy teams, user experience and more. Our tools are specifically designed to touch on and solve every pain-point felt by both you and your investing customers.

Discover the power of finance

Explore how popular news drive the markets
Trading Central's video channels and analyst blogs act as a great entry point for investors of all skill-levels by delivering topical, actionable insight outside traditional trading platforms. Meanwhile, our newsdesk and analytics help solve the infobesity plaguing investors by letting them know what they should read and how it's driving change for their investments.

Identify new investment ideas

Drilling down with personal preferences
From directional trend, value score, popular patterns, earnings dividend yield and more, our powerful screeners and personalizable filters enable your investors to identify opportunities that match their unique trading style. Here's the top TC tools for identifying trade ideas:

Evaluate opportunities

Begin building your strategy with suitable candidates
With portfolio strategy backtesting, value indicators and a transparent view of emerging price patterns, Trading Central tools make it easy for your investors to evaluate trade ideas and build the right investment strategy for them. Here are the top TC tools for evaluating ideas:

Check the charts & get a
second opinion

Discover where prices may be heading
Your investors can discover potential price direction by reviewing our charting analysis or see how their opinion lines up with Trading Central experts with:

Planning a trading strategy

Check the key levels and place orders!
With support and resistance levels, stop loss and expert-derived trading plans, Trading Central has the tools your investors need to plan their entry and exit prices.

Monitor positions

Keep an eye on portfolio movement
Set your investing customers up for success! Offering them TC tools makes it simple to keep tabs on changing prices, track trailing stops and key corporate news through alerts!
Explore Trading Central's holistic suite of embeddable apps and APIs
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