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Trading Central®'s team of global analysts follow the market, providing financial commentary and insights when leveraging TC analytics in your trading strategy.

Meet the Team

Nicolas Suiffet

Head of European Research

Gary Christie

Head of North American Research

Jean-Christophe Rolland

Senior Equity Analyst

Christophe Chevalier

Technical Analyst

Philippe Delabarre

Senior Technical Analyst

Kim Ming Lam

Head of APAC Research

Medion Jim

Equity Analyst

George Lam

Technical Analyst

Théo Ramos

Junior Technical Analyst

Luis Leon Guerrero

Fundamental Analyst

Rémy Gaussens

Head of Global Research

Jeffrey Zhang

Head of APAC Region

Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Currencies

Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Currencies, Commodities, Indices

How do the analysts use TC Insights? 

The team writes daily market views, leveraging the actionable datapoints found across TC analytics.

  • Videos & Written Content
  • Educational Material
  • Multi-Langugage Commentary

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In addition to using TC insights in their daily market content and decision-making, our analysts play a large role in training our proprietary A.I. and NLP algorithms. Our team of data scientists are the A.I. experts, and our analysts are the market experts - the combination of the two brings actionable insights to brokerage platforms.

Options Insight™

A decision support tool making options trading accessible to everyone.


TC Market Buzz®

Easily spot the stocks and topics that are "buzzing" that let you know more by reading less.

News & sentiment

Fundamental Insight®

Gain access to all our flexible integration capabilities to craft new unique experiences.


Crowd Insight®

A unique look into how the crowd feels about an instrument.

News & sentiment

TC Newsdesk

Extract the most out of your news expenditures to tackle infobesity.

News & sentiment


A trusted source for updates on the latest trading-opportunities, news and market-moving events.


Economic Insight®

Monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving events with impact and volability analysis.


Alpha Generation

Form confident investment decisions using three innovative indicators with MetaTrader MT4/MT5 charts.


Technical Views

Concise, actionable trading plans built on Trading Central’s technical analysis.


Economic Calendar

Use real-time, actionable, macro-economic data to monitor, anticipate and act of market-moving events.


Panoramic View®

Panoramic View displays TC proprietary scores at a glance, giving you a full overview of any financial instrument.


Featured Ideas®

Discover bullish and bearish investment ideas based on our technical and fundamental analysis.


Technical Insight®

Empower your investor to find, validate and time their trades.


Strategy Builder™

Define and evaluate well-suited multi.-factor investment strategies.


TC Videos

Extract the most out of your news expenditures to tackle infobesity.

News & sentiment

Who is Trading Central®?

Trading Central has been supporting investment decisions through the world's most admired brokerage and wealth tech brands since 1999. As a one-stop shop for quality financial research, we offer a diverse analytical scope, a unique fusion of artificial intelligence and analyst expertise, with 24H multi-asset global coverage all rolled into beautiful user interfaces.

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