End of Year Round Up 2022: Actionable analytics to support the investor journey


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December 22, 2022



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With a bear market, an influx of new investors, record inflation, war in Europe and rising interest rates, digital wealth platforms are closing 2022 looking for new ways to support and retain their investing clients. They’re turning to resources like education, embeddable technology and community dialogue to keep their clients satisfied and continue growing their platform.

In 2022, more than ever before, Trading Central is your one-stop-shop for investment decision tools spanning fundamentals, news, sentiment, technical and economic analysis.

Whether you’re serving an active trader or a newbie investor eager to get started, user expectations are growing. Brokers are doing research into who their users are, what they value and their goals when designing an end-to-end digital investing experience. With a goal to keep users engaged and active on the platform, brokers are thinking about mobile capabilities, modern interfaces, real-time data and education.

Using A.I. and NLP, Trading Central compresses unstructured big data into compact insights and iconic visuals that drive action and engagement amongst users.  

Our API and widget solutions allow our customers to think outside the box and to sprinkle Trading Central’s actionable insights across the brokerage platforms, beyond the traditional research portal iframes.

Combining technology with a human touch

There’s an overwhelming amount of information for investors to consider when making a financial decision. It’s impossible to keep up with social media, fundamental reports and global economic events in a way that can be applied to investment strategies. Investors are expecting innovative technologies to be integrated into their brokerage’s platform and mobile app to solve this problem. 

Insights from tools like Market Buzz and Technical Insight are derived from proprietary algorithms created and maintained by Trading Central’s data scientist and global analyst teams. Using A.I. and NLP to generate insights like Top Buzzing companies and Most Discussed Topics ensures timely, transparent insights for traders to act on. 

In addition to modern technology, investor’s still expect a human element to their brokerage’s brand. Trading Central’s award winning team of seasoned analysts ensure data accuracy, analytics relevancy and provide context around hot stories. 

In 2022, we launched TC Market Views, a series of short articles written by our global analyst team, where they summarize newsworthy events, interpret the facts and identify possible calls-to-action using flagship Trading Central tools such as Market Buzz, Fundamental Insight or Technical Insight.

Driving action within your platform

User expectations are growing. So what does this mean for brokerages once a new user has signed-up to their platform? It means they need a wide range of engagement and retention tactics to ensure they are supporting their clients with what they need to succeed. 

Discovery tools like screeners and trending themes provide lists of instruments as a starting point to explore. Look to bring data outside the research portal in a way that’s approachable and visually appealing. 

With modern technology, we’re used to being thrown large amounts of data at a time. Many investors want to dig in and understand the analytics, but not if it’s confusing or overwhelming. Insights like the Quantamental Rating (launched in 2022) and Technical Summary Score use a layered, top-down approach. This is great for investors of all experience-levels, providing a high-level overview to start with the ability for deeper, transparent analysis when wanting to learn more.

Quantamental Rating 

As users navigate your platform and mobile app, clear call-to-actions are helpful in gently guiding users from one page to the next. Are they looking to copy data over to your Order Page? This goal can be accomplished in minimal clicks with a dropdown to Prepare Trade and Trade buttons.  

Economic Insight 

Snackable Education 

Investors of all skill levels are looking for education to help reach their goals but the format might differ depending who you’re speaking to. From onboarding tooltips to deep dive tutorial videos, online brokers are feeling the pressure from investors and federal compliance to have education easily accessible throughout their platform. 

In 2022, we’ve expanded our library of product education. This gives our customers the content they need to better support their users and promote their Trading Central integration. Reoccurring, personalized client outreach is important for strong usage and retention.


Creating a Community

Another tactic when it comes to education is creating a strong community forum for people to communicate with each other. Whether they’re just getting started or have been investing for years, they’re on these social feeds reading and contributing to a larger conversation that allows for new perspectives and sharing of ideas. 

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