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Empowering you to create unique, innovative experiences for your customers...

Today’s financial markets are fast faced, technology is rapidly evolving and consumer expectations have never been higher. Online brokerages need flexible delivery options so they can craft unique experiences that rival their competitors, and that’s where Trading Central’s services shine. Our premium research and analytics are available in a wide range of delivery methods ranging from plug-and-play indicators and iframes, to flexible data feeds and newsletters, to developer-friendly APIs enabling you to reach out to investors with the insight they need, in the moments that matter.

Here’s just a few common experiences today’s leading brokerages are building with Trading Central’s tools:

  • Compact insights in the research center
  • Portfolio-driven insights in account pages
  • Automated trade idea emails and actionable alerts
  • Automated social media outreach to assist with discovery

A team of dedicated integration specialists backing you.

Trading Central is here to support the set-up, launch and continuing success of your integrations. Our in-house team of development, UX and marketing specialists is here to help you build the perfect solution for your platform, public website, social media channels and email outreach.

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Quality outreach made simple.

Our user-friendly technologies make it simple to integrate our insightful analytics within the tools your team is already using, making it easy to reach your investors in the moments that matter. Distribute actionable insights like emerging trade ideas and webTV videos through the social channels your investors frequent like Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and more!!

The possibilities are endless...

Our award-winning UI, variety of integration partnerships and developer-friendly API make it possible to build a unique experience for your investing customers. Explore just a few of the ways other online brokers are harnessing our data:

Access analytics through MetaTrader

Easily enable actionable analysis within the platform your traders already use!

Social Media Outreach

Automate your social media and help investors find your brokerage online.

Technical Event® integration with Cosaic's ChartIQ

Beautiful charting meets premium technical analysis.