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Chao is a part of our Customer Success team and has been working with Trading Central for 6 years. She works with our APAC-based clients, supporting their onboarding, providing technical solutions, and helping them deliver a stronger investing experience to their users leveraging TC products.

We sat down with Chao to learn more about her role, the projects she’s working on, and her experience with the Trading Central team.

What does a typical day look like as a Deployment Specialist on our Customer Success team?

As a Customer Deployment Specialist, we start our day off by going through and responding to client support tickets. These are customer inquiries that we receive through our customer support desk and by email. In China, I also receive support tickets through the popular messaging app WeChat. Our clients can submit a ticket to inform us of any technical problems they may be experiencing along with an importance level. This helps my team and I quickly evaluate which tickets are of the highest priority when starting our day. As a team, we continue to keep an eye on our support tickets as this is an important part of our daily tasks. We want to respond to our customers as soon as possible in order to help meet their needs!

From here, I spend much of my time working on onboarding projects. This includes working with new customers who are implementing our research tools as well as existing customers who are expanding their TC analytics suite or updating their platforms.

What does the on-boarding process for a new customer look like?

Since there is such a high level of customization with our tools, we start the onboarding process by collecting key information like the client’s preferred language and instrument coverage, their logos, corporate colours and links to where the integrations will take place. We will also discuss the customer’s preferred delivery methods for our products which could include an iframe, an API or an xml feed (among others!). Every customer has different needs and objectives so each discussion varies slightly.

From there, my team will start the integration process, setting up conference calls and group chats when necessary in order to make the integration process easy and smooth for our new TC customers.

What are the most common challenges you tend to help new customers overcome while integrating TC tools?

Since I’m mainly responsible for working with clients in our Asia-Pacific region, one of the most common challenges I experience is language barriers. When Trading Central first expanded into China, many of our documents were sent from our Ottawa and Paris teams, meaning they were in English and French. Since opening the Shanghai office in 2017, we’ve grown our team and rebranded our materials to better match our target audience in this region. This has enabled us to develop strong relationships with our customers and ensures they have a thorough understanding of our products and services.

What does Trading Central do to ensure they're continuing to find new ways to meet the needs of today's investors?

I think the combination of continuing to invest in new technologies along with having the proper tools and services to support our clients helps to ensure we are meeting the needs of today’s investors. We always have modern, interactive products and innovations coming through our pipeline! This year, two of our newest products, TC Economic Insight and TC Market Buzz were recognized as winners at the Technical Analyst Awards. This is something we’re very proud of!

What are some of the things you enjoy best about working in our Shanghai office and about being a part of the TC team?

I like the flexible work environment and enjoy working with such smart, collaborative and efficient colleagues. We often have gatherings outside of work where we’ll join a team sport, or exercise together. I also appreciate the travel opportunities where we go and meet face-to-face with clients!

As a global company it can be challenging to work with teammates in different time zones, but at Trading Central I find everyone organizes their time in a way that allows us to always help each other out. We grow together as a team!

Do you have any guiding principles or inspiring quotes?

Two that I love are:

  • The intention completes each matter
  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

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