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Mike is based in Ottawa, Canada and has been developing analytics for over two decades. He recently started a new role as Chief Data Officer, supporting the company and our clients with data insights about our products and analytics.

As a veteran in the field, we were excited to hear what Mike had to say about his career with Trading Central.

How long have you been working at Trading Central and what were you first doing?

I’ve been working for Trading Central for 21 years, being one of the founding members of the Recognia team. I was the second developer to join the then tiny startup, years before we had any customers or even a real product.

Back then our focus was on event recognition delivered through an API, but it wasn’t until we developed a white-label solution that we started getting real interest from clients. That product was the start of what is now Technical Insight.

It has been a great pleasure being part of the growth of the company, from the early days when we were struggling to create a product, up through having multiple diverse products deployed by major financial institutions around the world.

Do you have any guiding philosophies when it comes to development and creating new analytics?

Focus on quality and value delivered. We were early adopters of Agile methodologies and test-driven development. A strong focus on quality assured that our products, the clients of which included many large financial institutions, are reliable and deliver value.

When looking to create a new analytic, the focus needs to start with ‘What question are we trying to answer?’ From there, strategies can be devised and tested. Testing is important and measures the quality of any analytic. Is it solving the required question? If not, where is the value?

What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

As Chief Data Officer my goal is to support the company as a whole by developing data products that allow ready access to existing and newly derived data. As an analytics company, we have a wealth of analytics developed in our 20+ year history, as well as data that gives insights into how our products and analytics are used. Giving access to this wealth of data will help our teams better serve our clients, improve our analytics, and, hopefully, inspire new analytics and products as well.

What are you most proud of looking back at your time here?

When I look back at where we started and then at where we are today, I am very proud to have played a role in the company’s growth and success. To watch us grow from a tiny startup, into a successful company (Recognia), then joining Trading Central and being part of a worldwide organization. We have accomplished so much in that time, with a relatively small team.

I am proud to be part of that team.

What was your favourite product/analytic/etc to build? What are you most proud of?

One thing that I am particularly proud of is our intraday pattern recognition. It was a major challenge, taking our recognition process that ran overnight on end-of-day pricing, and reworking it to be able to operate on an intraday time scale. It took a re-architecting of the whole process and a number of creative solutions to accomplish this without requiring major hardware additions.

In a similar vein, we recently completed another re-architecting of the process, creating something I had been hoping to achieve for over a decade - Recognition on Demand. This not only lets us further scale our recognition process, but now we can make that recognition process available to clients, allowing them to get event recognition run on their own pricing data.

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