Modern Acquisition Techniques for Today’s Brokerages


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November 28, 2022



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In a business environment that’s rapidly adapting to the changing expectations and needs of investors, digital wealth brands globally are exploring unique acquisition and engagement strategies to win across their marketplace. Internal teams such as Product, Marketing and Sales are digging deep into who their audience is, what they value and their current needs. Based on these findings, actionable analytics, unique content and creative marketing tactics (like freemium and automation tools) can be used to increase customer retention and growth. 

Held virtually on November 16, 2022 Trading Central’s annual Online Broker Summit gathered over 80 leaders in the digital wealth community to discuss emerging trends and the work they’re doing to address them. Here are the main insights expressed within the panel session: Modern Acquisition Techniques for Today’s Brokerages.

Users are curious for content & insights

The ability to process data has grown exponentially. The panelists agreed that newbie investors may feel overwhelmed when logging into their brokerage platform at first, but within 30 days most are up to speed and often ready for more research. Advances in AI and social media have changed the way we study markets, leaving investors craving transparent analysis and bite-sized data points 

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