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March 22, 2022



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Explore the Target Price widget & more! 

As online brokers look for innovative ways to support their users throughout today’s volatile markets, our teams are working hard to deliver engaging analytics with transparent analysis. Sourced from proprietary machine learning algorithms, our tools give investors the resources they need to make strategic, confident decisions no matter what their current goal is.

Our most recent release included new features in TC Fundamental Insight, our newest app that transforms complex financial data into beautiful visualizations that are simple to interpret. With a modern interface and AI-driven trade ideas, we’re providing insights that are actionable and easy to apply to investment strategies. 


Introducing the Target Price widget 

Guide users with a clear call to action

Sourced from the TC Quantamental Rating®, this widget displays the Target Price for entities in the upcoming 12 months, providing a clear, directional, call-to-action for investors.



Enhanced coverage of TC Nowcasting 

View how a stock fits into the economic cycle

UK and Eurozone are now available within Nowcasting. We’ve also increased how often this data is updated, ensuring brokers are always providing the most accurate information. 

Nowcasting eliminates the lag associated with reports about the economic cycle, using daily economic announcements to assess whether the economy is “now” in Recovery, Expansion, Slowdown or Recession and how a stock could fare based on this data. 

Help your users: 

  • Pinpoint sectors and companies known for outperformance during different phases of the economic cycle.
  • Assess their asset allocation and potential price movements
  • Learn more with embedded education

Ask us how analytics like these can be integrated into your platform using flexible delivery channels such as widgets, APIs, iframes & more!


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