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June 3, 2019



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At Trading Central, we pride ourselves on our mission to successfully support investors through innovation. Our dynamic product suite combines analyst research with patented pattern recognition to offer decision support to today's investors.

Trading Central has been participating in the annual Technical Analyst Awards for the past 11 years and has been deemed finalists in at least one category every time. Trading Central is incredibly proud to have now been recognized over 30 times for the quality, consistency and creativity of the insightful solutions we provide! This year we were recognized as finalists in all three categories that we applied too. These include:

  • Best Specialist Product: Technical Insight
  • Most Innovative New Product: TC Research Platform
  • Best Multi-Asset Research House: Trading Central



Best Specialist Product: Technical Insight

We're proud to announce that not only is Technical Insight a three-time winner in the “Best Specialist Product” category, but that it was also recognized as a finalist again this year.

Trading Central’s Technical Insight tool helps investors find and validate investment opportunities to optimize their trading strategies. It provides users a set of detailed, proactive analytics, customization options and educational guidance that empower them to take control of their investments.

Key Features of Technical Insight includes:

  • Education in Context: Technical Insight provides key technical information on any asset of choice. Investors don’t need to remember every pattern to act accordingly. Rather, hover over any Technical Event to see what it means. Prompts such as “Learn More” or “View Historical Events” allow investors to  dig as deep as they'd like and continue to learn more.
  • Simplified Technicals: A concise technical outlook of Bullish, Bearish and Neutral across three timeframes allows for in the moment analysis and an ease of finding suitable trade ideas.
  • Interactive Charts: Our charts allow investors to click and zoom in on any technical event to view it in more detail.
  • Risk Management: Support and resistance lines are drawn on the chart, making investors aware of significant price levels to help with potential entry and exit points.
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Most Innovative New Product: TC Research Platform

Throughout 2018, our team worked hard to build our new TC Research Platform. The platform provides investors with rich technical analysis as well as the invaluable experience of senior analysts with automated algorithms. Our patented pattern recognition constantly monitors the market with global 24/7 coverage on over 8,000 financial instruments. We're incredibly proud to see this work recognized as a finalist in the "Most Innovative New Product" category.

Key Features of the TC Research Platform:

  • Trading Plans with Candlestick Charts: The clear trend lines, key levels and concise nature of the technical scenario enables investors to form confident and timely decisions.
  • Personalizable Dashboard: Investors can easily rearrange the widgets and personalize which research is displayed on the dashboard.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Interactive: The TC Research Platform is engineered to be fully responsive on mobile. This includes educational videos, advanced filtering and access to rich analytics at any time.
  • Create Watchlists & Alerts: Investors can subscribe to unlimited watch lists and set alerts. These can be used to track existing portfolios, possible investments, price changes and more.
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Best Multi-Asset Research House: TC Research Suite

The third and final category Trading Central applied to this year was the "Best Multi-Asset Research House". Among all the candidates, we found ourselves as a finalist in this category as well! With patented pattern recognition and expert analyst research, collectively our solutions provide today’s investors with actionable, multi-asset research around the clock.

Some of the latest innovations that showcase Trading Central as the “Best Multi-Asset Research” include:

  • Our global research team of senior technical analysts: Our global research desks are registered investment advisers that monitor our technology at all times. They offer investors educational support, trade ideas and independent professional opinions 24/7.
  • Concise analyst videos delivering research where investors are: Our research team has started distributing their analysis of trending trade ideas through concise video. Each video delivers actionable analysis with a simple explanation of what that means for the instrument. These videos cover FX pairs, Indices and Equities.
  • Our new candlestick charts for our time-tested Technical Analysis: Throughout 2018, we delivered beautiful, new cleaner and clearer charts to help investors better understand our quality analysis.

As the Technical Analyst Awards come to a close for the year, our team is already busy searching for new ways to offer innovative, insightful analytics that support investors form confident, educated investment decisions.  

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