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July 10, 2020



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In partnership with SmartFinData, Trading Central is making its award-winning news analytics tool, TC Market Buzz available for Chinese markets. TC Market Buzz solves today’s infobesity problem preventing confident investment decisions, by clearly conveying which financial instruments are generating the most “buzz”, aggregating news and providing concise insights that bring clear meaning to investors. 

Revolutionizing how investors consume the news, TC Market Buzz first launched in 2019 and was named a winner at this year's Technical Analyst Awards as "Most Innovative New Product". "We are excited to expand our offering of TC Market Buzz into the Chinese market", says Jeffrey Zhang, Head of Greater China. "With a fully localized user interface, I'm confident our solution will continue to meet the need of today's investors - helping them know more, while reading less."

Despite the large impact news carries on financial markets, the broad volume of publications available online with potential conflicting perspectives and questionable credibility, makes it difficult for investors to find significant topics, identify trade opportunities and form well-educated opinions. TC Market Buzz acts as a refreshing solution to these problems, using proprietary natural language algorithms to crunch and collect the massive amounts of professional news articles, social media posts and individual blogs published online every day. Through actionable analytics including key topics, news volume and current price, investors gain a concise, accurate view of any given instrument and can easily follow the discussion early. 

What do investors get with Buzz?

  • News Desk: An innovative, user-friendly news screener connecting investors to relevant articles based on filters such as publication type, instrument, topics and more!
  • Watch Lists: It’s simple for investors to keep an eye on their portfolio or assets of interest.
  • Buzz Meter: The volume of chatter on an asset or entity. 
  • Ranking of the “Most Discussed Topics”
  • Price Chart: Enables investors to assess if recent news has impacted on the instrument’s price!


  • Asset/company coverage: over 10,000 stocks (China, HK, US stocks), 50 indices, 330 forex pairs, and 60 commodities
  • Media coverage: more than 2,500 news publications, 2,000 blogs and social media channels, and a variety of premium newswires*. 
  • Identifies over 300 types of significant events for the asset such as earnings changes, analyst ratings and management changes. 

About SmartFinData: 

SmartFinData, founded in 2002, is a leading Fintech company, providing IT solutions and value-added services in the Greater China financial industry. Since 2018, the company focuses on Fintech innovation and AI financial analysis solutions to help investors to make decisions easier and smarter. By working with global top financial services firms, SmartFinData deeply combined its industry and technology knowledge with leading smart data to create its unique solutions for the business success of financial customers.

About Trading Central:

Trading Central is a global leader of actionable financial market research. Their award-winning product suite fuses expert research desks with artificial intelligence to provide actionable technical, fundamental, news and economic analysis of global markets. Their innovation division “Trading Central Labs”, managed by trading floor veteran Jerome Favresse, was founded in 2019 with the focus on expanding the firm’s proprietary algorithms, alternative data streams and bold new ways to better support investment decisions in the ever evolving digital space.

For more information, please contact:

For media inquiries please contact

Trading Central Global Headquarters

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