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May 20, 2022



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Trading Central is proud to announce that it successfully launched a Chinese speaking artificial intelligence and natural language processor that can read and analyze thousands of articles published in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, everyday.  

The articles are collected by TC Labs from hundreds of China-based content sources including web-harvested news, social outfits, and premium vendors such as Reuters, Infocast, Jin10, Informa, FX168, Sina and more 

The launch of a Chinese A.I. and NLP in addition to the English version means that more data than ever is being used to generate analytics and actionable insights on Chinese companies and the success stories of the world’s second largest economy.

Crunching both English and Chinese content sources gives TC Market Buzz users a definite advantage by allowing the Mainland and global flavors to influence proprietary insights such as the Buzz Score, Sentiment Score, Most Discussed Topics and more. 

For a deeper analytical experience, Chinese investors & traders access the TC Crowd Insight product by clicking on the “sentiment” tab. This section offers an original perspective on asset valuation by looking at “how people feel” about a company or an instrument. 

TC Market Buzz, the disruptive news & sentiment portal helps investors & active traders tackle infobesity while improving brokerage platforms and trading apps’ returns on news investment. 

TC Market Buzz replaces static news headlines UX with beautiful, simple and actionable data visualizations. 

TC Market Buzz was a recent winner in the Best AI Product category at the 2022 TA Awards. Learn more here

Users of TC Market Buzz can access analytics such as: 

  • A beautiful interactive page where bubbly visuals surface very useful information that is only available on TC Market Buzz: what are the hottest companies or instruments of the day
  • Chinese stock investors identify buy/sell opportunities based on the Buzz score, sorted by sectors, themes & other asset classes 
  • Addressing the investment habits of Chinese A-share investors, two new features were deployed, sectors and concepts (“themes”).
  • News Volume widget signals whether that company or instrument is attracting an abnormal amount of attention. 
  • Content Split between social vs news outlets
  • Trend Analysis indicates the up/down price momentum potential to enable immediate action (buy, sell, hold, short, hedge etc). 
  • Most discussed topics” is a groundbreaking A.I. feature only available on TC Market Buzz. Trained by seasoned market analysts, our natural language processor identifies the most popular themes driving the narrative on a company or an instrument. 
  • The classic newsfeed widget can display all types of content such as research reports,  press releases, social media content, web-harvested news, and leading industry news vendors - at the brokerage platform discretion, to reflect their licensing preferences

Trading Central has been supporting investment decisions through the world's most admired brokerage and wealth tech brands since 1999. As a one-stop shop for quality financial research, we offer a diverse analytical scope, unique fusion of AI and analyst expertise, and 24H multi-asset global coverage all rolled into beautiful user interfaces. Learn about our award-winning, embeddable research solutions:

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