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April 28, 2020



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The release of Trading Central’s NEW sentiment product Crowd Insight offers a refreshing, new perspective for investors to determine how the general public feels about a financial instrument. For decades, investors analyze price performance, economic indicators and company fundamentals in search of good portfolio returns, but one element that has always been missing is sentiment… How do people actually feel about an instrument? 

Using natural language processing, Crowd Insight scans thousands of web-harvested, credible news, blogs and social media sources to provide investors with the tools they need to determine how people feel about a particular topic... Does the public feel positively or negatively about Apple’s new product release? Is the optimistic coverage of Tesla stock rational or based on subjective emotion?

Today’s financial landscape is continuously evolving with investors looking for research that will give their strategies an edge and holistic views. Provide your self-directed investors modern, relevant research that includes leading alpha generation, risk mitigation and precision timing tools, which can simply be applied to their trading strategies.

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Key Features of Crowd Insight include: 

  • Sentiment Score: An unique insight into how the crowd feels, ranging from “very positive” to “very negative”. 
  • Subjectivity Index: Shows how rational or irrational the crowd’s opinion of an entity is. This is very helpful when identifying market bubbles! 
  • Confidence Index: Based on the volume of news evidence, how much weight should the sentiment score carry in an investor’s decision-making? 
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Staying true to our online brokerage customer-base, Crowd Insight offers flexible delivery options including powerful APIs and integrations with TC Market Buzz. A modern, stand-alone framable user interface is coming soon!

"Today's financial landscape is rapidly evolving, and our goal at Trading Central is to make it as simple as possible for online brokers to align with shifting needs," says Alain Pellier, CEO and co-founder of Trading Central. "That's why we're incredibly proud to offer new and novel analytics that showcase innovation but are easy to deploy. Crowd Insight introduces sentiment research to our existing line-up of award-winning technical, economic, news, and fundamental analysis."

“In today’s turbulent markets, we believe it's critical that investors are given a broad range of research tools to validate their decisions,” says Jerome Favresse, Managing Director of TC Labs. “After nearly two years of proprietary natural language and algorithmic development, we are proud to empower investors with the collective wisdom of the crowd.”

Differentiate your business with easy-to-deploy, affordable machine learning technology that showcases innovation.  Through new, novel analytics you can grow your platform and be amongst the first to offer your investors Crowd Insight!  



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