Trading Central launches Sentiment Signal in A.I. news & social sentiment tool TC Crowd Insight


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October 26, 2023



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Trading Central is excited to launch another cool upgrade of its award-winning A.I news & social sentiment tool, TC Crowd Insight.

TC Labs’ data scientists worked together with our expert research team on a new proprietary indicator called the “Sentiment Signal”. 

Sentiment Signal is an advanced indicator which allows you to make buy/sell decisions based on market mood swings.

By harnessing this actionable insight, retail investors will unleash the full potential of sentiment analytics that have been used by hedge funds and quant trading firms for years. 

Thanks to this unique market mood’s barometer, modern investors & traders will discover investment opportunities, improve portfolio returns and manage risks. 

This new signal, released every day before the opening bell, has been successfully back tested for years. The market coverage is global (Asia, Europe and North America) and multi asset (equities, currencies etc).

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Example: Shell’s Sentiment exceeded 60 on September 13, triggering a bullish signal, which allows investors to take advantage of the upward acceleration on September 14.

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