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February 18, 2020



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With the initial release taking place in November 2019, TC Market Buzz delivered the  long-awaited innovation to how investors harness topical research. Through a modern, user-friendly interface, our AI newsdesk collects and analyzes published news articles, social media posts and blogs to provide a concise view of any given instrument. Investors can easily find which instruments are “buzzing”, helping them gain a reliable view of the crowd’s impact on their investment and allowing them to follow the discussion early.

While we received tons of positive feedback from our initial release, we knew we weren’t done tackling today’s infobesity problem… The excess information available online today can make it impossible for investors to identify suitable trade opportunities, form well educated opinions and optimize the correct time to buy and sell. 

As of today, investors will gain even more insight into the news driving the markets… On top of aggregating quality news sources, showcasing the “buzz”-price relationship and key topics, TC Market Buzz will now tell users at a glance the general sentiment on a topic and how news coverage relates to its typical coverage.

Major updates in this release include: 

  • The News orientation analytic shows investors the raw count of news sources with positive, neutral or negative sentiment from the last 24 hours.
  • The News Volume gauge has been added to help showcase if the news coverage is above, below or in line with the amount of news it typically receives. 
  • The Split of social and news sources is now combined.    
  • We’ve improved the search functionality to allow for a more detailed experience. 
  • Analytics for Cryptocurrencies have now been added!
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Staying true to our loyal online brokerage customer-base, the product features the same list of customizable features our clients have grown to love:

  • Beautiful, responsive and white-labelable user interface 
  • Multi-language capability 
  • Flexible delivery options

As a one-stop-shop for innovative research solutions, we are excited to announce the new release of TC Market Buzz which offers long-awaited updates in the sentiment space. 



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