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January 16, 2024



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Simplify Options through Innovation

Trading Central is proud to announce the launch of Options Insight™, a new A.I. powered decision support tool that delivers long-awaited disruption to the derivatives segment of the Digital Wealth space.

For most self-directed retail investors, the main obstacles to trading options have been the complex jargon and the perceived risks. Our mission is to make Options trading inspiring, easy and accessible to everyone

With Options Insight™ self-directed investors can finally benefit from key advantages options may offer such as  a cost efficient alternative to stocks, a great risk management tool, and a unique opportunity to generate gains and income.

Built upon simplexity principles, Options Insight™ deciphers complex financial derivatives jargon into plain English, and delivers simple strategies to investors of all skill levels through intuitive design

Options Insight™ brings to the world the Strategy Lab, a proprietary tool that allows novice traders to build their own options strategies combining a smart questionnaire and actionable insights from Trading Central research tools.

“We are very excited to bring the power of options strategies to the masses. 2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Trading Central Group, and Options Insight™ is a great illustration of our unrivaled commitment to support decision making through innovation”, says Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central. “Options Insight™ debunks the myth and empowers traders to add options to their portfolios”. 

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