Trading Central wins in 3 categories at the 2022 Technical Analyst Awards


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April 26, 2022



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The Technical Analyst Awards recognize the very best in market research, data, software and artificial intelligence. This year, we’re excited to be recognized as a winner in three categories: Best AI Product, Most Innovative New Product & Best Multi-Asset Data Provider.

With a mission to support investment decisions through transparent data, innovative analysis and modern UI, we’re excited to be recognized as a leader in the ever-changing industry. Learn more about our digital wealth solutions here.

Best AI Product - TC Market Buzz

Read less, know more

Buzz uses AI to make sense of the millions of news headlines, social media posts and articles posted online every day. It replaces static headlines with simple, compelling and informative data visualizations.

Users can identify:

  • What instruments are buzzing based on the overall news volume
  • Timely news articles from leading media providers
  • The most discussed topics for an instrument
Buzz Twitter Inc

*There is a lot of buzz about Twitter right now, with the most discussed topic being Acquisition Interest. Look in the News Feed to discover this is from Elon Musk.

Most Innovative New Product - TC Fundamental Insight®

The future of fundamentals

Investors are bombarded with a lot of complex information. Fundamental Insight delivers simple interpretations of complex financial data to help users make smart decisions.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our insights offer transparent analysis and a layered user experience that can easily be embedded throughout your platform.

  • Quantamental Rating®: A high level view of how a stock is performing across Value, Growth, Momentum, Income and Quality.
  • Target Price: A view of where the stock could be in the next 12 months based on quantitative analysis.

Best Multi-Asset Data Provider - Trading Central

One-stop-shop for investment decision support

Our suite of embeddable APIs and apps, support users of all skill-levels. From fundamental and news insights for your buy and hold investors to charting and technical events for your active traders.

Sourced from reliable, transparent data, our insights help users find and validate new opportunities, time their trades, learn about the financial markets, and manage their risk, all while having fun managing their portfolios.

Screen Shot 2022-04-26 at 1.37.27 PM

These awards highlight new products and analytical proficiencies launched by Trading Central over the past year, in our efforts to better support brokerage businesses as a one-stop-shop for investment decision support.

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