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June 22, 2021



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TradingView and Trading Central have combined their powerful technologies to deliver a modernized digital charting experience where actionable insights are overlaid onto real-time charts.

TradingView’s chart and analysis tools are among the world’s best, empowering traders to easily spot trends, find trade opportunities, follow their favourite asset and place trades. Their popular financial HTML5 charts are seamlessly integrated across thousands of websites, delivering actionable analysis that’s powerful for users.

Trading Central’s plugins deliver award-winning, proprietary analysis on thousands of instruments globally helping investors to spot opportunities, and manage their timing and risk:

  • Technical Events®: Automatic chart pattern recognition for thousands of instruments globally, helping traders identify any given price patterns that has emerged on a particular instrument.
  • Analyst Views: Independent trading plan with price targets and alternative scenarios based on Trading Central’s in-house analyst methodologies.

Alain Pellier, CEO of Trading Central says, “Our partnership with TradingView combines global traders’ favourite signals and pattern recognition tools with the web’s most beloved charting platform. This powerful combination fuels an engaging trading experience supported by actionable insights for investors of all skill levels.”

James Maddison, CMO at TradingView says, “Our two core goals have always been to help people make the best informed trading decisions possible, and for them to enjoy the journey along the way. This integration with Trading Central is another step along both those roads. As our 30 million user base shows, interest in tools for traders of all levels of experience and ability are currently at an all time high. So, I’m excited to see how our combination of forces will be received by the traders themselves. ”

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