The Week Ahead - Using TC Economic Insight to find important economic events (Feb 20-24, 2023)


Kim Ming Lam


February 21, 2023



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Our Head of Asian Research, Ming Lam identifies the economic events taking place this week (Feb 20-24) and what they mean for investors using TC Economic Insight. The tool helps investors monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving opportunities.

We are looking at the current week of February 20-24:

We can select economic data of "High", "Medium" or "Low" importance, or any combination of such filters:

We are focusing on major economies worldwide:

In the U.S., this trading week (February 20-24) starts with the Presidents' Day holiday on Monday (February 20) when U.S. markets are closed.

Among key economic data to be released within the week, investors are closely watching the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Minutes, which involves the latest monetary-policy meeting with the U.S. Federal Reserve (Wednesday, February 22). The minutes could show how Fed officials viewed the inflation situation when they decided to lower the interest-rate hike to 25 basis points in early February.

Further, Trading Central's Economic Insight is able to show that, in the past 7 releases of Fed-meeting minutes, EUR/USD rose in 71% of times (5 out of 7 times) within one hour from the release, marking a trading range of 32.00 pips on average.

Other key economic data include:

On Tuesday (February 21)

  • Australia's central bank will release minutes of its latest monetary-policy meeting.
  • Germany's ZEW economic sentiment index is expected to rise to 21.5 in February.
  • Canada's inflation rate may cool to 5.9% on year in January from 6.3% in December.

On Wednesday (February 22)

  • New Zealand's central bank is expected to raise its benchmark rate by 50 basis points to 4.75%.
  • Germany's Ifo business climate index is expected to rise to 91.6 in February.

On Thursday (February 23)

  • Singapore's inflation rate may soften to 6.3% on year in January from 6.5% in December.

On Friday (February 24)

  • Japan may see its inflation rate accelerate to 4.2% on year in January from 4.0% in December. 
  • U.S. core personal consumption expenditure (PCE) growth is expected to remain steady at 0.3% on month in January.

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Source: Trading Central Economic Insight

Kim Ming Lam

Head of APAC Research
Ming graduated from Hong Kong University with a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. He has been working in the financial services sector for over 10 years. He is currently tasked with providing clients with technical analysis views on forex and Asian stock indexes.