Top Buzzing ranking May 29th - Renault


Philippe Delabarre


May 29, 2024



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Using Trading Central's Market Buzz for understanding premarket moves, Renault(RNO) has been identified as an interesting choice.

TC Market Buzz has identified Buzzing news volume over the last 24 hours,with 67 mentions. Overall mentions represent the number of publications in the past 24 hours that mention the subject, along with a descriptor indicating how it compares to the 7-day average.

Into Most Discussed Topics widget, we find "Rating raised" as Goldman Sachs has upgraded the stock from Neutral to Buy and increased the price target to 70.00 from the previous 51.00. The investment firm anticipates that Renault will benefit from a strong lineup of new products expected to be released in the near future.

On the sentiment side, the orientation of the news headlines is signaling a bullish sentiment score of 65 (positive). The Sentiment Score indicates how the crowd feels about a financial instrument, ranging from "negative" to "positive". Please note that a grade above 55 is a buy signal.

Meanwhile, the subjectivity widget is considered as "Low". The subjectivity index measures how rational the crowd's opinion of an entity is,which can be helpful in identifying market bubbles. Its score ranges from 0 (very rational) to 100 (very irrational).

Regarding technical analysis, from a daily point of view, the share has confirmed, on rising volumes, a bullish continuation pattern known as a "symmetrical triangle". Furthermore, the 50-day moving average is also in support. Trading Central's Technical Views sees a target at 62.7.

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Philippe Delabarre

Senior Technical Analyst
Philippe Delabarre is a senior technical analyst. Following 2 years in investment banking at Oddo Securities as a junior technical analyst, he has joined Trading Central since 2009. After running the Canadian research team in Ottawa in 2016, his job is now mainly to look for equity investment opportunities.
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