5 stocks to explore on Earth Day 2022


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April 22, 2022



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To celebrate Earth Day, our analysts took a look through Strategy Builder's ESG Theme for relevant stocks, then checked their Reuters Refinitiv Environmental Pillar Score and recent chart patterns in Technical Insight. Here are the top five opportunities identified...

1. Newell Brands

Currently ranked 30 out of 117 stocks in the Consumer Packaged Goods sector for performance, Newell Brands Inc (NWL:NASDAQ) has an Environmental Pillar score of B-. With multiple classic chart patterns identified this month including a Double Bottom and a Continuation Wedge, there is strong evidence NWL is bullish over the short and intermediate terms.

Newell Brands

2. TJX Companies

TJX Companies Inc (TJX:NYSE) is currently ranked 31 out of 146 stocks in the Retail Cyclical sector for performance and boasts an impressive A+ Environmental Pillar score. With both a Diamond Bottom and Triple Bottom chart patterns identified this week alongside recent bearish indicators, there is weak evidence TJX will be bullish across short and intermediate terms.


3. Gilead Sciences

Drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD:NASDAQ) is currently ranked 16 out of 110 for sector performance and has a C Environmental Pillar score. A Head and Shoulders Bottom pattern was identified in Technical Insight on Wednesday, April 20th and our summary score suggests bullish events have outweighed bearish events for the short and intermediate terms.


4. Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics Inc (DGX:NYSE) is currently ranked 5 out of 72 for performance in the Medical Diagnostics & Research sector and has an Environmental Pillar score of B-. With a bullish MACD event and various bullish technical events, there is very strong bullish evidence across the short and intermediate terms.


5. Johnson Controls International

Johnson Controls International PLC (JCI:NYSE) presently ranks 15 of 74 for performance in the Construction sector and has an impressive Environmental Pillar score of A+. With multiple bullish technical events identified this week, there is very strong bullish evidence across the short and intermediate terms.

Johnson Controls

About this research:

TC Research Team

Trading Central's global research team guides investors with actionable insights supported by our award-winning suite of market analytics. Their expert market commentary adds context to complex research and trending news, to help investors spot new opportunities and better understand financial markets.

Environmental Pillar Score:

By Reuters Refinitiv data

  • Environmental Pillar:  The environmental pillar measures a company's impact on living and non-living natural systems, including the air, land and water, as well as complete ecosystems. It reflects how well a company uses best management practices to avoid environmental risks and capitalize on environmental opportunities in order to generate long-term shareholder value.

  • ESG Score:  Refinitiv ESG Score is an overall company score based on the self-reported information in the environmental, social and corporate governance pillars.

  • Environmental Innovation Score:  Environmental innovation category score reflects a company's capacity to reduce the environmental costs and burdens for its customers, and thereby creating new market opportunities through new environmental technologies and processes or eco-designed products.
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