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February 14, 2019



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Meet the Featured Ideas for MT4/5...

For the first time, Trading Central's chart pattern recognition is available directly within MetaTrader! With Featured Ideas now available within MT4/5, it's never been easier to deliver actionable and personalized trade ideas to your FX traders! 

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Here's the top 4 reasons your customers will love Features Ideas:

  1. Personalized trade ideas are actionable trade ideas: Traders can use the custom settings to specify their favourite currency pairs, timeframes and analytics. Featured Ideas will deliver only those relevant to their individual trading style. 
  2. Educational content is placed in context: Never again will your traders need to sift through pages of educational pattern descriptions to understand what it means for an instrument's price.  Featured Ideas offers an interactive experience... Transparent content is provided directly within the product by hovering. This creates a progressive disclosure of technicals that enables traders to get the quick insight they need or dig in deeper to understand more. Additionally, they can easily "watch" an idea to see how it performs over time. 
  3. High conviction & multi-signal ideas: Each chart pattern showcased within Featured Ideas is confirmed by a second Technical Event® such as a MACD crossover, helping your investors act more confidently.
  5. 4- Real-time data on live charts! Traders can expand or zoom in on any chart and follow as the price hits its target.

Learn more about the rich analytics available to FX traders within Featured Ideas here

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