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December 20, 2018



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At Trading Central we pride ourselves on our mission to successfully support investors through innovation. We keep this goal at the core of everything we do, creating a dynamic and continuously growing list of investor-centric innovations that facilitate confident, educated trade

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decisions. Our patented pattern recognition applications continually scan 89 markets globally to provide an unparalleled breadth of coverage of over 75,000 instruments.  Meanwhile our insightful analysis and investment research tools enable users to find and validate suitable investment opportunities based on their individual preferences, optimize the timing of their trades, continually learn about markets and enjoy running their own portfolios.

Our journey started in 1999, when our founders identified the unmet need for actionable investment research and left their positions on the floor of the London Stock Exchange to pursue this opportunity. Since then, Trading Central has developed an incredible competency in automating and systematizing investment analytics that are typically perceived as challenging to encode, generating useful Intellectual Property related to our analytical methodologies and algorithms. We have also built out an incredible globally-distributed infrastructure that allows us to deliver our research at scale, across virtually any publicly traded financial instrument worldwide, even as data changes in real-time.

Throughout the past two decades, we've made a name for ourselves by identifying the aspects of investment research that retail investors typically find cumbersome, and offering solutions that break down these barriers. We deliver these through our brokerage and media customers who benefit from our turnkey solutions that integrate seamlessly into their applications and into their business. Our plug-and-play, framable web applications boast beautiful, modern, and responsive user interfaces that enable investors of all skill-levels to make educated decisions about their portfolios. Meanwhile, our developer-friendly APIs and data feeds make it possible for our customers to provide their investors with unique, differentiated experiences. The popularity of our products speaks for itself, with millions of provisioned accounts worldwide trusting our analytics as their source for actionable technical, fundamental, and value analysis.

Today’s consumers are so busy and heavily bombarded with excess information that we’ve made it our objective to ensure our analytics provide a simple, holistic, and informative experience. In recent years we extended this mission to bring insights in the exact moments it’s needed. Recent innovations such as our Technical Summary Score and Fundamental Valuation Score are direct responses to this initiative. The Technical Summary Score provides investors a concise, weight-of-evidence based technical outlook across short, mid and long-term timeframes. Its progressive disclosure of information does wonders for new or busy investors, by providing the critical, high-level directional information at a glance, while the transparent details are directly below the surface, ready for anyone interested in learning more. Meanwhile, the interactive nature of many of our applications has enabled us to provide in-context education, so that users don’t need to sift through reading materials. Finally, we not only made our products ready for mobile consumption, but have continued to find new ways to embed our insights outside investing platforms. By offering trade ideas, market news and educational support within channels such as social media, mobile alerts and email, we’re reaching investors in a manner than is human and approachable.

The key industry shift we see at Trading Central for the coming years is the consumer desire for a total financial picture. This trend continues to blur the lines across the wealth management spectrum and increases the opportunity for new fintech companies to offer data to the large scale incumbents in shared effort to deliver the digital experience that consumers have come to expect through their other experiences outside the industry.

As these lines continue to converge, we see the collaboration and interoperability between different data, features, and platforms as both an opportunity and a challenge facing fintech firms today. This highlights a unique strength at Trading Central; our proficiency in carefully interoperating within other technology and business frameworks is skill that we have carefully honed for decades. Having discovered in the early 2000s that our best channel for delivering analytics to the masses was through the platforms of the world’s leading online brokerages, we have already become masters in an area where many of today’s fintech startups are just learning.

The fintech space is already an active industry that continues to foster new entrants and innovations, but we’ve managed to stay ahead of our competition with the high level of trust, value and quality achieved with our team and our customers. We always search for team members with the vision, the care and the drive to continue to push for industry changing innovation that will serve investors for the long-term. For employees, working at Trading Central has provided the unique experience of working at a global organization. The relatively lean nature of our team has enabled each individual an opportunity to cross-pollinate with diverse talents and to take ownership of their projects from beginning to end— a contribution which has a direct impact on millions of investors around the globe.

What does 2019 bring for Trading Central? It means a continuation of our mission. It means we’ll be continuing to innovate on new ways to offer insightful analytics that support investors in the moments they need it. We’ll be progressing in our pursuit of holistic digital advice in realms today’s consumers need. We will be continuing to deliver the same quality of innovation that we have been serving financial markets since 1999.

Read our original feature "20 Years and Counting" on page 36/37 within The Financial Technologist. 




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