Technical Insight: Release 129


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January 10, 2018



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Meet the improved Technical Insight.

Here at Trading Central, we've been working hard to improve how investors interact with the rich information in Technical Insight.  Our latest update, release 129 brings the following great new features:

  • Modern & responsive landing page
  • "Recently Viewed" ribbon
  • "Trending Now" and "Most Popular" ribbons
  • Beautiful mobile experiences

New modern landing page

Our responsive landing page boasts simple messaging to help investors understand the purpose of the tool, and emphasizes the search bar for quick and easy lookup of any asset.


"Recently Viewed" Ribbon

We now track your most recent searches and lay out your stocks in a ribbon of 5-day charts so you can quickly check the pricing and link to the Technical Event Lookup. Think of this like your automated watch list!


"Most Popular" & "Trending Now" Ribbons

Available on the new landing page, our ribbons inspire investors to check out more stocks. Technical Insight's algorithm will identify what is spiking up in real-time!


New to Technical Insight?

Learn more about the rich analytics available for today's investors here. 

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