Trading Central awarded “Best Specialist Product” following recent modernization of flagship product.


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June 27, 2018



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Technical Insight has been trusted by online brokers to help their investors find, validate and time their trades since 2003. Through the past 15 years, its rich analytics have set the global standard for actionable technical analysis and presently enable millions of investors to enjoy running their portfolio. Trading Central’s patented pattern recognition is paired with the industry’s largest collection of Technical Events from charting indicators, enabling Technical Insight to analyze virtually every publicly traded financial instrument including stocks, ETFs, indices, foreign exchange and futures.

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Through a series of releases across the past year, Trading Central has made significant improvements to how investors interact with the rich analytics they already trust within Technical Insight. The redesign focused on arming online brokers to successfully respond to the rising demand for mobile solutions and engaging educational experiences. “A recent study by JD Power indicated that while research information is still not widely available on mobile, when it is, it has a high impact on customer satisfaction,” explained Kathryn St. John, Senior Director of User Experience at Trading Central. “That’s why it was important to us that Technical Insight makes it easy for investors to analyze their stocks on the go and to explore the opportunities spotted by our proprietary algorithms.”

Technical Insight’s new user interface, which can be seamlessly integrated into any responsive website or mobile application,  brings the investor experience to the foreground. Its intuitive notification system makes it simple to learn about key price activity or to subscribe to new opportunities, even when when they’re on the go. Meanwhile, it makes it easier for the large cohort of new investors to benefit from analysis earlier and learn how to craft a trade, thanks to meaningful summaries of analysis, and explanations offered in natural language.


TC Technical Insight product

Technical Insight’s extensive feature set makes it a valuable tool for all investors. Key features include:

  • Instant Search: Technical Insight’s most popular feature is now even easier! Quickly lookup any ticker for instant insight from our charting analysis.
  • New Streams of Engaging Ideas: Our new landing page makes it easy to explore the different asset classes or find trade ideas based on popular and trending sentiment.
  • Easy Notification System: Our new subscribe and alert system makes it easy to stay updated on specific stocks or to hear about new opportunities in the market.
  • Custom Filtering of Opportunities: Finding relevant trade opportunities is a simple process with our latest tool to filter for Technical Events that match your interests. Filter for bullish or bearish opportunities based on criteria such as anticipated price movement, market cap, classic chart patterns, indicators, oscillators and much more!
  • Technical Summary Score: A concise summary of the Bullish, Bearish or Neutral technical evidence across three-time frames to deliver quick insight in the moment of action.
  • Education Center: A tidy collection of materials to educate people about each chart pattern and technical analysis studies that are covered.
  • Trailing Stops: Investors can find out the impact that protecting a position can have on potential returns through our trailing stop visualization and what-if analysis right on the charts. Then choose to follow a percentage based stop or Trading Central’s proprietary algorithm to establish a stop at an “appropriate” distance from the current price based on historical volatility.
  • Support & Resistance Lines: Drawn on the chart, investors can quickly spot the significant price levels they need to pay attention to, helping them craft entry and exit points.
  • Largest warehouse of patterns and technical indicators in the industry: We have the range to support the diverse interests of all types of investors.

On May 24th, Technical Insight was awarded the “Best Specialist Product” at the Technical Analyst Awards in London. The award acts as an important beacon signalling the depth of Technical Insight’s coverage and how important the ease of use is for not only retail consumers, but expert analysts as well. Trading Central CEO Alain Pellier was present to accept the award on behalf of the company. “We’re proud to offer analytics that enable investors to enjoy running their own portfolios,” he said, “and we’re thrilled to be recognized within the industry for this initiative.”

Trading Central was awaded


TC is awarded as the Best Specialist Product

Technical Insight’s rich analytics can be integrated into any online platform or mobile application through a variety of flexible delivery options:

  • Embed: Deliver insight to investors quickly by framing our beautiful, HTML5 user interface into your own responsive web and mobile applications.
  • API & Data Feeds: Developers love working with our APIs & data feeds so they can build unique experiences for their investing customers or to place simple insights in the moments that captivate them. 
  • Newsletters & Social Media: Offer investors actionable trade ideas detected by emerging Technical Event® opportunities identified by Technical Insight in a daily newsletter format or through our simple social media integrations!

Technical Insight’s market analytics are presently trusted by over 20 million investors through the platforms of the world’s leading investment firms. Join the transformation to modern investment experiences today… Learn how you can engage your investors with Technical Insight. 


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