Trading Central launches “TC Fundamental Insight” a new stock picking tool for active traders.


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December 2, 2021



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Trading Central once again tackles the modern day infobesity epidemic with powerful, snackable insights to help traders cut through the noise.

TC Fundamental InsightTM makes it possible for traders of all levels to evaluate opportunities in a timely manner and pick the right stocks for themselves.

TC Fundamental Insight

Based on the Simplexity Assumption that complex things can be made simple, TC Fundamental Insight’s algorithms crunch large amounts of complex financial data to deliver a simple interpretation within user-friendly iconic visualizations.  Perfect for mobile apps and multi-asset platforms, TC Fundamental Insight’s key features include:

  • TC Quantamental Rating®: A proprietary analytic developed by TC Labs data scientists that provides a simple view of a stock’s outperformance potential. 
  • Nowcasting: A proprietary indicator to pinpoint sectors and companies known for outperformance during different phases of the economic cycle.
  • Peer comparison: filtering companies based on Factor Investing Scores like Value, Growth, Income, Quality, and Momentum.
  • Flexible delivery methods: developer-friendly APIs and embeddable widgets to weave Trading Central Scores and Ratings through key areas of your platform. 
 Fundamental Insight of Microsoft Corp


TC Fundamental InsightTM is the latest addition to Trading Central’s massive analytical line-up and award-winning actionable research tools, covering fundamental, technical, economic, sentiment and news based principles of research.

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