Top Buzzing ranking May 18 - Micron Technology


Théo Ramos


May 18, 2023



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Using Trading Central's Market Buzz and looking into Top Buzzing ranking to find premarket moves, we have identified Micron Technology as an interesting choice.

TC Market Buzz has identified Buzzing news volume over the last 24 hours, with 92 mentions.

Overall mentions represent the number of publications in the past 24 hours that mention the subject, along with a descriptor indicating how it compares to the 7-day average.

Into Most Discussed Topics widget, we find “Investment Investor” as the manufacturer of memory chips, announced an agreement to manufacture next-gen chips in Japan.

On the sentiment side, the orientation of the news headlines is signaling a bullish sentiment score of 66 (positive) and a "low subjectivity", with an above average confidence index backing up the sentiment score.

The Sentiment Score indicates how the crowd feels about a financial instrument, ranging from “very negative” to "very positive".

The subjectivity index measures how rational the crowd's opinion of an entity is, which can be helpful in identifying market bubbles. Its score ranges from 0 (very rational) to 100 (very irrational).

The confidence index is the volume of news evidence backing the sentiment score, indicating how much trust can be placed in it. It is broken down into three levels of low, average, high.

Regarding technical analysis, from a daily point of view, the stock is trying to break a major key resistance around $65. Trading Central Technical Views sees a support at $60.00 with upside targets at $70.70 and $73.30.

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Théo Ramos

Junior Technical Analyst
Théo has a Master's degree in Finance and Financial Risk Management from the University of Rouen. Théo joined Trading Central in 2020 as a junior technical analyst to assist the team in producing research on the equity markets.
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