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TC Economic Insight® arms today’s traders with the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving economic events. Its actionable real-time data, powerful impact and volatility analysis tools, and interactive charting enables traders to identify and assess how events are impacting FX pairs. With volatility and price direction, Economic Insight® enables traders to make timely and educated decisions. Meanwhile, its transparent, interactive and mobile-friendly experience fulfills your customers’ hunger for rich data insights and transparency.

In May 2020, TC Economic Insight® was awarded the “Best Specialist Product” at the Technical Analyst Awards.

TC Economic Insight Volatility Analysis: Set your risk/reward ratio and trade with the corresponding stop loss and take profit
Helping your traders act on opportunities.
Our simple "trade set-up" feature enables traders to easily configure the risk/reward ratio they would like to use for a currency pair and see the corresponding take profit or stop loss they would incur. After tweaking to their own personal preference, traders can place a trade using those levels with the click of a button.
Explore TC Economic Insight: trade based on market-moving economic eventsExplore TC Economic Insight: trade based on market-moving economic events
Risk Management made simple
Your traders can determine their ideal position size as well as their Stop Loss and Take Profit targets using the historical Average of True Range pips. From there, they can easily monitor events they believe will carry an impact on their positions by adding it to their calendar of choice.
Tangible historical information
Through a combination of the popular "true-range" indicator, a view of the price change and historical average of true-range, Economic Insight® enables your investors to better understand the impact that a particular economic event will have on an FX pair and enable them to build a strategy around it.
Plus: all the great features of our calendar app!
  • FX Charts tied to Economic Events: With over 115 FX charts mapped to different economic events, your traders can easily monitor their pairs through real-time pricing and quickly act if needed.

  • Historical performance: The “forecast” and “actual” values over the last 5 years are plotted out for each economic event, enabling your traders to easily discover the historical trend and better understand its influence on the currency.

Show your investors that you're innovating...

Through a balanced feature set of detailed real-time data, educational guidance and customizable options, the TC Economic Calendar empowers investors of all skill levels to take control of their investments.

Traders can watch as the "actual" price updates in real-time to see how it compares to the "forecasted" value or take a peek at how similar events previously played out on the FX chart, enabling them to act confidently in the future!

Economic Insight mobile mockup. Explore our volatility and risk analysis.
Modern, responsive UI

Markets never sleep, which is why the Economic Calendar looks great on all devices, enabling your investors to stay up-to-date on key market movement, even when they're on the go!

Simple Trade Set-Up

Traders can configure the risk/reward scenario they are comfortable with and easily copy the levels to the order page.

Real-time data

The macro-economic data is tracked and updated in real-time, ensuring your traders are always acting on the most recent data!

Customizable filters

Traders can focus on what’s important to them by filtering by country or the importance level of an event, making the insight our calendar delivers more actionable!

Interactive charts

Your traders will LOVE the ability to gather exact data points while hovering over chart or zooming in to particular events of interest.

Premium Free Features

Convert and acquire new customers

Display the Economic Calendar on your public website, prompting visitors to create an account and sign in to view premium analytics.

Attract traders with premium free features
SEO-friendly content for your site

The possibilities are endless...

Our award-winning UI, variety of integration partnerships and developer-friendly API make it possible to build a unique experience for your investing customers. Explore just a few of the ways other online brokers are harnessing our data:

Popular Trading Central analysis tools are available through MetaTrader
Access through MetaTrader

Easily enable actionable analysis within the platform your traders already use!

Iphone Mockup
Market volatilty support

Help your investing customers navigate these troubled waters.

Economic Insight Mockup - award-winning economic analysis
Winner at the 2020 Technical Analyst Awards.

Economic Insight® wins "Best Specialist Product."

Economic Insight mobile mockup - explore risk and volatility analysis
Trade Set-Up feature & strong call-to-actions

Benefit from economic releases - for the first time ever!

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