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December 16, 2020



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This year marked the 11th edition of the Online Broker Summit and our first virtual series! Split into two 1.5 hour sessions, Josh Book from ParameterInsights joined us as keynote on Day 1, followed by a “Challenger Panel” on Day 2. Each session ended with interactive breakout rooms, giving attendees the opportunity to meet each other, share their experience and ask questions amongst their industry peers.

Consumer Trends with ParameterInsights:

ParameterInsights is a boutique strategy consultancy that knows consumers and knows financial services, helping online brokerage firms to make more scientific and data driven decisions so they can grow and win. CEO Josh Book shared his firm’s latest data and insights about wealth management and the retail investing landscape, while exploring key trends in consumer behavior that are shaping the online offerings of retail brokers now and in the future.

We discussed topics such as:

  • The industry is experiencing a system type shock.
  • The overall result is a changing consumer profile.
  • Looking at usage and conversion data across brands through 2020…
  • "Not knowing enough" is still a significant barrier.
  • Josh reviewed data on what service elements are driving satisfaction vs promotion
  • The positive news is that more people are testing out options for saving and investing which creates an exciting opportunity.

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