Raymond Yung participates in panel discussion at Finance Magnates London Summit


Raymond Yung


November 25, 2022



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Bringing together fintech leaders to network and learn from each other, the Finance Magnates London Summit took place November 21-23, 2022.  Our team had an exceptional opportunity at the event  to connect with clients, meet with Industry professionals and show our innovative one-stop shop of investment research

Head TC Labs, Raymond Yung joined the panel session titled “Innovation in Behavioral Finance: Trading Tools & Education

Raymond brings two decades of risk management and quantitative research in the financial sector to his role. Prior to joining Trading Central, Raymond worked at BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, and Barclays Capital.

Launched in 2019, Trading Central’s innovation unit TC Labs explores new ways to interpret complex, unstructured data and transform it into simple, actionable insights that support today’s investors. This research results in new, proprietary algorithms and A.I. capabilities that make their way into Trading Central’s award-winning line-up of embeddable research tools.

Panel Takeaways

Innovation in Behavioral Finance: Trading Tools & Education

There is a convergence taking place between financial trading tools and investor education where the behavior of traders is analyzed to identify patterns. Whether to help create a custom experience for deeper engagement or to model trends and social sentiment, behavioral finance aims to provide traders with actionable feedback they can use. 

The panel explored how brokerages can use data to empower their users with intelligence and insight, driving both engagement and retention. At the same time, there’s a fine line between insight and advice so brokers need to have a strong understanding of who their users are. They serve a wide range of clients, so how data and education is presented across their platform and mobile app should be done purposefully. Today’s users have never been busier, therefore they need to be engaged within a very small time frame or they'll move on. 

The panelist also discussed strategies for keeping traders active within their brokerage platform. Content plays an important role in this. They shared tactics for getting the right message to the right person at the right time. 

Newsletters and social media were mentioned as channels used to communicate their message, bringing users into the platform or app.. Having data and education embedded throughout key moments of the investor journey has seen positive results when it comes to user engagement and retention.

Watch the full session here.

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Raymond Yung

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