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November 15, 2023



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Smart Investment Selection at Your Fingertips

With the rapid development of fintech, technical analysis plays an important role in investment decision-making. To meet the demands of mobile users, Trading Central’s flagship product Technical Insight® is now available as a Mobile iframe hosted locally in China’s Cloud. 

Our mobile iframe integrates seamlessly into Chinese mobile trading apps via a simple H5 interface. Both dark and light versions are available to cater to different visual preferences. This unique decision tool allows brokerage firms to easily enhance customer engagement and trading activity, to attract new investors and stand out in a competitive market.

Homepage: an overview and key information on various patterns.

Technical Insight provides mobile users with a broad range of technical events, patterns and signals to support their trades at any time and anywhere.

Taking the flag(bullish) pattern as an example, it provides a selection list and K-line charting

With the inclusion of historical performance and educational content, Technical Insight appeals to a broad set of users, from active traders buy and hold investors, from experts to beginners.

Detailed backtesting data and educational commentary

The classic Technical Insight “Investor Edition” looks for patterns, events and signals based on equities closing price everyday, covering China, US and global stock markets.

Technical Insight mobile iframe demonstrates Trading Central's commitment to delivering the best experiences 24/7 around the world!

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