Trading Central deploys an exciting Peers Comparison widget in its acclaimed A.I. news & social sentiment portal!


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April 22, 2024



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The Peers Comparison table is an exciting new widget that will allow TC Market Buzz® and TC Crowd Insight® users to identify investment opportunities and make confident decisions. 

Investors will be able to quickly compare how a listed company ranks vs its industry peers based on A.I. driven insights like the Sentiment Signal, Sentiment Score, Subjectivity and Confidence Index

TC Crowd Insight® uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and natural language processing (NLP) to provide actionable insights based on human sentiment and emotion. 

Thanks to Trading Central’s disruptive innovation, modern investors and traders can leverage billions of news and social media data points into profitable decisions to time their trades, manage risk and discover new opportunities. 

For more information about TC Market Buzz® and TC Crowd Insight® click here or book a demo with our experts ( to see how these tools can benefit your brokerage platform and mobile apps.

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