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July 9, 2024



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Actionable Insight for Better Decisions 

Trading Central is shaking up the research game once more with a fresh analytic that boosts decision-making confidence—meet TC Fundamental Signal.

This straightforward signal empowers investors to make smart, data-driven decisions about individual stocks.

Designed for today’s fast-paced markets, this tool offers actionable insights to help investors confidently navigate any market condition.

What Does It Do?

The Fundamental Signal identifies three types of opportunities: Bearish, Neutral, and Bullish, shown with easy-to-understand visuals. No more guesswork or bias—we bring investors clarity to seize opportunities and manage risk effectively.

How It Works 

Based on a new proprietary model that leverages TC Quantamental Rating and TC Nowcasting data, the Fundamental Signal identifies top-performing companies throughout the economic cycle, backed by thorough backtesting. The signal considers a company’s fundamentals alongside its sector appeal in the current economy.

Ask us about the different integration methods such as a widgets, or via API.

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