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September 1, 2020



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The release of Trading Central’s NEW Panoramic View offers investors access to key analytics at a glance, as they screen for investment opportunities, explore their portfolio and visit their watchlists. In an effort to expand research outside the research portal, Panoramic View uses compact insights across high impact placements, offering actionable analytics to guide investors of all skill levels to make informed and timely investment decisions. 

Spanning technical, fundamental, news & sentiment analysis, TC proprietary scores offer investors a full panoramic view of financial performance. 

  • Value Score: Based on a red, yellow or green traffic light indicator, view how well an instrument matches to value investing criteria. 
  • Technical Score:  Enable investors to easily identify the directional outlook of a financial instrument as either bullish, bearish or neutral across short to long time frames. 
  • News Sentiment: Identify the overall news sentiment as positive or negative and the amount of attention that news has been getting in the last 24 hours. 
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Key Features of Panoramic View include: 

  • Mobile-ready: Support investors through compact insights that are fully responsive on mobile. 
  • Add to instruments lists: Use TC proprietary scores to help investors identify new trade ideas and surface risk. 
  • Include in portfolio pages: Leverage TC proprietary scores to help investors spot opportunities and shifts in their account holdings. 
  • Encourage platform usage: Since TC proprietary scores are sourced from full apps, it’s easy to guide investors through your platform, supporting them with additional research. 

Panoramic View analytics support investors in meeting their financial goals, offering high level information about what’s changing and what that change means, while giving investors the opportunity to dive deeper into research tools that offer even more transparency. Provide actionable insights in the moments that matter and deepen investor relationships through relevant, targeted analytics.  

Differentiate your business through easy-to-deploy machine learning technology, providing a modern, engaging investor experience. Panoramic View offers flexible delivery options including stand-alone iframe integration and powerful APIs. 


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