A look back at Trading Central's key milestones in 2020


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December 24, 2020



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This year marked a busy year for Trading Central. As the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the financial markets globally, we saw high volatility and an influx of new investors enter the market. In the ever-evolving fintech industry, we continued to support investors through premium market research and analytics. We believe that the best way to support brokerage businesses is by facilitating the long-lasting success of investing customers. That’s why 2020 was a year full of growth and expansion, as we focused on strengthening our diversified product suite, developed strategic partnerships and continued to grow our global footprint. 

We diversified our product suite of embeddable apps & APIs. 

In order to better support our brokerage customers and their investors, we’re proud to have grown our product portfolio to span multiple analysis types including technical, fundamental, economic news & sentiment, offering a one-stop-shop for investment decision support.

New additions this year include the launch of sentiment analytics in TC Crowd Insight and proprietary summary scores in Panoramic View. Our broadening range of products allows you to engage the diverse interests and abilities of an expanding market, through a progressive investing experience that provides more richness when investors are ready. 

We developed new partnerships to enhance your experience. 

We introduced new media partnerships to continue to bring your investors relevant, timely articles through our AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz. Reach out to learn more about Refinitiv, MT Newswire and Benzinga

Our analytics can also be found through technology partnerships like TradingView and NetDania. These partnerships make our analytics more readily-available for today’s leading online brokerages.

We hosted our eleventh Online Broker Summit, first virtual edition!

This year, we got our virtual backgrounds ready and hosted the Online Broker Summit “Virtual Series”. Split into two 1.5 hour sessions, leaders of the online brokerage industry gathered for an insightful keynote & panel discussion, followed by interactive breakout sessions, giving attendees the opportunity to meet each other, share their experiences and ask questions amongst their industry peers.

Heading into 2021, we have big plans in order to continue offering new, innovative ways for investors to make use of our research tools and analytics. We will continue to make strides towards helping brokers create successful relationships with their investing customers. 

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