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December 3, 2019



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Hosted in the heart of London’s financial district on November 13th, the annual Finance Magnates London Summit sees thousands of FX industry leaders walk through the doors for quality networking, exclusive panels and demos of the latest fintech solutions. This year, Trading Central partook in the flow of insightful dialogue on the exhibition floor at booth 116 where we were busy showcasing our new, disruptive AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz and new Economic Calendar


Charting & Education: Old Questions, New Answers

Live on the Charting and Education panel, Trading Central’s Senior Director of UX, Kathryn St. John explored how to design a strong user journey and differentiate your platform through a proactive experience that brings personalized insights and snackable education to the places that already have traders’ attention. Alongside fellow panelists from Chart IQ and a-Quant, the panel took a look at the impact of a trader’s behaviour on retention, deposits and trading volume.

Three key insights discussed during the panel:

1. Proactive personalization is emerging: As brokers rush to expand their platform toolset in efforts to better differentiate themselves, their investors are more likely to suffer from choice overload. Behavioural science has taught us that too many options can lead people to lower confidence and greater self-doubt amid the long list of options they didn’t choose. How do


you combat this while adding tools to attract investors with such a broad range of interests and backgrounds? Personalization. It’s important during the design process to build a platform that gives investors exposure to the resources that will offer them personal value.

  • TC says: We have broadened our range of analytics to expose different content types from technical to fundamental analysis along with market-moving news and unmatched multi-asset coverage… this combines with our flexible delivery technology to make it possible to serve individuals what is most interesting to them based on the data you know about them.

2. Educational content fuels transparency and discovery: Pushed by both investor demand and new regulation, the brokerage industry is witnessing a growing focus on data transparency. A common approach is the unravelling of complex data within educational content and more in depth explanations of how it is gathered. This trend is both helpful in building new investor confidence, as well as the level of trust they have with their brokerage.

  • TC says: Transparency and education are integral components of our data service and also our ready-to-launch apps; but education has a new flavour at TC as we’ve launched our continuous snackable education service to help brokers achieve the social exposure over time, in a relatable tone that helps with discovery and engagement. 

3. Design can motivate traders for the long term: The design process, the metrics you choose to measure and how these metrics are displayed on your platform will have a direct impact on the engagement level of your clients. Highlighting metrics that are helpful and encouraging even when the markets are down will have a positive impact on the trader’s overall investing experience. We can reward and motivate not only on trade performance but also on accumulation, participation and more.

  • TC says: Our ready-to-launch apps provide a progressive experience that starts out simple and allows people to uncover more depth as and when they become ready for it further along their trading journey.

Trading Central’s User Experience team can help differentiate your platform: 

Our UX team specializes in delivering analytical insights in the moments that matter for today’s investors. They’re here to help you make the most of Trading Central’s award-winning research tools, by delivering integration support, best practices and high fidelity mockups. 

Book a demo now to discover the great new innovations in store for your platform. 


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